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The Modernization Program kicked off in 2022 with the following foundational projects, which focused on creating a strategic foundation for future-state integrated services and technologies at the University.

Completed Foundational Projects

View each foundational project page to understand the work that has been accomplished thus far.

Governance Establishment

This project sought to build greater alignment around strategic IT priorities, reduce unnecessary technical debt and enhance WVU’s technological infrastructure through the establishment of an enterprise-wide IT governance model.

Student Experience Assessment

This project sought to map and redesign a personalized and consistent onboarding experience for students across all populations and campuses.

Business Process Optimization

The below projects sought to design a new budget model, create greater consistency in financial reporting processes, identify the appropriate ERP software solution and standardize how job positions are categorized at the University.

IT / Technical Projects

The below projects sought to implement an API management platform, operationalize an application development platform and create an information security roadmap for the next 10 years.

Data Management and Governance

This project sought to enhance institution-wide data and analytics capabilities to support critical data-driven decision-making.