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The WVU Modernization Program will ensure that West Virginia University becomes the land-grant university of the future, engaging students, faculty and staff across all WVU campuses and affiliated locations in a multi-year initiative to transform the user experience and position the University for future success through optimized systems and practices.

Program Outcomes

  • Stakeholders will have confidence in data and easy, timely access to the data necessary to perform their work and inform decisions.
  • Technology will simplify processes and reporting, making it easier to complete activities and giving staff more time for strategic initiatives and enhanced service and faculty more time for research, teaching and outreach.
  • Leaders will have access to the tools necessary to effectively make decisions about institutional resources and align investments with University priorities.
  • Redesigned operations – business processes, practices and systems – will better enable career development and career pathways.
  • Implement intuitive and unified technology that will enable student recruitment and enrollment, improve student success, promote a positive student experience and enhance faculty outreach and research opportunities.
  • The institution will be better protected from reputational, operational, financial and technological risk.
  • A technology-empowered network of interconnected systems will ensure that the institution is positioned for future automation, efficiencies and adoption of new technologies.

Program Team

This team includes several key leaders spanning multiple functions across WVU who will apply their knowledge and familiarity with their area’s stakeholders, systems and practices to ensure the program’s success.

  • Dan Dunphy
    Program Director
  • Christine Bennett
    Benefits Lead
  • Karen Brock
    Project Specialist
  • Rosemary Casteel
    Research Initiative Program Manager
  • Neeley Clelland
    Talent and Culture Program Lead
  • Kristin Floyd
    Portfolio Management Lead
  • Laurie Pollock
    Payroll Lead
  • Luella Russo
    Project Manager
  • Lisa Sharpe
    Finance Program Lead
  • Katie Stores
    Research Initiative Program Director
  • Melissa Warren
    Project Manager
  • Todd Witter
    Technical Program Lead

Executive Committee

This committee comprises leaders from across the University who will offer direct and strategic insight into our business and academic operations.

  • Lisa Castellino
    Associate Vice President, Institutional Data and Analytics
  • Paula Congelio
    Vice President and CFO
  • Darrell Donahue
    Dean, Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design
  • Greg Dunaway
    Dean, Eberly College of Arts and Sciences
  • Mark Gavin
    Associate Provost, Academic Budget, Facilities and Strategic Initiatives
  • Fred King
    Vice President, Research
  • Brice Knotts
    Chief Information Officer
  • Paul Kreider
    Vice Provost, WVU, and Interim Campus President, WVU Potomac State College
  • Sharon Martin
    Vice President, University Relations and Enrollment Management
  • Erin Newmeyer
    Assistant Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
  • Dixie Paletta
    Assistant Vice President, Budget and Planning
  • Laura Roth
    Assistant Vice President, Information Technology
  • Ted Svehlik
    Associate Vice President, Auxiliary and Business Services
  • Evan Widders
    Associate Provost, Undergraduate Education

Academic Advisory Committee

This committee comprises advocates for WVU's academic mission who will reflect the needs and perspectives of faculty and students when providing feedback to the Leadership Committee.

  • Amelia Rinehart
    Chair, William J. Maier, Jr. Dean, College of Law
  • Sean Bulger
    Associate Dean for Graduate and Online Education
  • Erik Carlton
    Associate Dean for Professional Programs and Associate Professor, School of Public Health
  • Deb Chun
    Associate Professor and Chair, Mathematics Department, Nelson College of Engineering and Sciences (Beckley)
  • Matt Heap
    Assistant Professor of Composition and Theory, School of Music
  • Robin Hensel
    Assistant Dean and Academic Advisor in Fundamentals of Engineering, Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources
  • Stan Hileman
    Professor for Department of Physiology and Pharmacology; Professor for Department of Neuroscience; Professor for Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute; Faculty Representative for Board of Governors
  • Vicki Huffman
    Biology Professor, Potomac State College (Keyser)
  • Keith Jackson
    Dean, College of Creative Arts
  • Xingbo Liu
    Statler Endowed Chair Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources
  • Maura McLaughlin
    Eberly Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Tony Michael
    Program Director of Family and Community Development, WVU Extension
  • Paul Miller
    Associate Chair of Physics and Astronomy and Teaching Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Brad Price
    Assistant Professor, Business Data Analytics in the Management Information Systems (MIS) Department, Chambers College of Business and Economics
  • Amy Root
    Department Chairperson, Counseling and Learning Sciences, Department of Counseling and Learning Sciences
  • Sven Verlinden
    Director of Plant and Soil Sciences and Associate Professor of Horticulture, Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design