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WVU Modernization Program

The WVU Modernization Program will ensure that West Virginia University becomes the land-grant university of the future, engaging students, faculty and staff across all WVU campuses and affiliated locations in a multi-year initiative to transform the user experience and position the University for future success through optimized systems and practices.

About the Program

How we make this a reality

To make this vision a reality, we will engage stakeholders across the University and work together to align our systems and processes while adhering to an established set of overarching guiding principles.

Program Timeline

Stay on track with what’s planned for the five major workstreams by referring to the high-level program timeline (subject to change).

  1. 2022-2023

    Foundational Projects

    Foundations are the first series of projects that have been completed since the program began. They laid the groundwork for the other project workstreams that will be in focus throughout the remainder of the program.

  2. 2023-2026

    Student Experience Enhancement

    The Student Experience Enhancement workstream will lay the foundations to transform the student systems of engagement, from prospective applicant to enrolled student.

  3. 2023-2028

    Research Connect Program

    The Research Connect workstream will provide WVU with R1-level research systems and processes to support WVU's goals for growth in research.

  4. 2023-2028

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

    The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) workstream will make the University more efficient and effective through simplified and streamlined key business processes. This includes finance, human capital management (HCM) and student information systems.

  5. 2022-2028

    Data Strategy

    The Data Strategy workstream will provide effective and efficient delivery of institutional data to the right people at the right time for the right purposes.

Guiding Principles


Unified Future

Unite the institution by looking towards the future; in the spirit of OneWVU, optimize business processes by considering what will best serve the institution broadly.


Blue-Sky Approach

The WVU Modernization Program will be uninhibited by past practices.


People-Driven Design

Enhance the user experience by creating useful, integrated, intuitive and technology-enabled engagement to benefit the University as a whole.


Simplification and Standardization

Increase standardization, eliminate unnecessary complexity and prioritize interconnection between systems and practices.


Data-Empowered Decisions

Empower data-based decision-making while protecting individual privacy and institutional security.


Built to Last

Create sustainable systems and processes that can withstand future challenges, adapt to changing needs, respond to innovation and provide enduring support for mission-critical functions.


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