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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

WVU has chosen Workday as the University's comprehensive ERP system that will maintain human capital management, finance and student systems. The ERP will ensure that WVU's business processes are simplified and streamlined and improve the University's ability to collect, report and analyze data that meets security and decision-making needs.

Why Workday?

  • It will make the University more efficient and effective through simplified and streamlined key business processes.
  • It will be a single platform for human capital management (HCM), finance and student systems.
  • It will improve the University’s ability to collect, report and analyze data important for decision-making.
  • It will ensure data security and privacy and meet all regulatory, compliance and accreditation needs.
  • It will ensure that our systems are scalable for continuous improvement and maintenance in the future.

Three Main Components

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Human Capital Management (HCM)

HCM consists of a core HR database, skills intelligence foundation, configuration tooling, process automation, workforce management, recruiting, talent, learning, benefits and more.

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Finance consists of financial planning, institutional analytics and reporting, revenue and expense management and all other accounting processes.

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Student Information

Student Information systems consist of admissions, financial aid, advising, student finance, student records and more. Workday will transform the registration experience, degree tracking and academic planning at WVU.


Implementing WVU's ERP system will take several years to complete. Work on the HCM and Finance systems will begin in 2024-2025. A more detailed timeline will be provided after the initial planning phase.

  1. First Phase

    HCM and Finance

    The work will begin with a planning stage for HCM and Finance.

  2. Second Phase

    Student Information

    After HCM and Finance systems are stabilized, work will begin on Student Information systems.

Learn About Workday

WVU's upcoming ERP solution

What is Workday?

Workday makes it easy to change personal information, check your benefits, request time off, find people in your directory, submit expenses and generate reports.